Our Story

Our Story

Sweet & Classy Spa is an exclusive Beauty Spa for Children and Adults.

At Sweet & Classy… we define SPA


Powerful Personality

Attractive  Authentic Attitude

Sweet & Classy Spas was founded by CEO Julianne Cusumano, also known as ‘Director Classy’. Julianne’s goal is to assist young people with the confidence, self-esteem, and the poise that they need for success in life. Sweet & Classy Spas create an opportunity for children and adults to build unforgettable memories and spend quality time together. Julianne, with daughters of her own, believes that every girl needs to be Sweet and all women need to be Classy.

How did I come up with the name Sweet & Classy?
Because I believe girls need to be Sweet and women need to be Classy.
So what do I mean, girls needs to be sweet?
To me it means, from age 2 to 12, we call it the bonding time, spending time with mum, and having fun with mum… with manicures, pedicures, and hairdos.

As teenagers, girls tend to drift away from their Mum’s, so to keep these teenagers Sweet, we hope to develop these girls with a certain code. This code will become the ethics of Sweet & Classy Spa’s, to help girls to stay Sweet and become Classy women. Nurturing young girls inner beauty and teaching them from a young age.
At Sweet & Classy Spas, having class means having character, confidence, poise, self esteem, kindness and friendship, integrity – and all that starts with self-love.

We combine the best of both worlds – nurturing a person’s inner beauty, where all beauty begins, on the inside, as well as their outer beauty with pampering.
I have travelled all over and was researching and searching for a spa that gave ͞inner beauty treatments as well as outer beauty… and guess what I found…

One of the standout distinctions that sets Sweet & Classy Spas as a level above, are the Beauty Rooms that are provided for Mums. This is where Mum can be pampered with luxurious body treatments while her children are enjoying the amazing themed Spa rooms.

Parents can relax and enjoy the cafe with gourmet finger food while the party girl and her guests indulge in Australia’s most impressive party experience with a S & C hosts.

Sweet & Classy will have programs and classes that teach girls all about etiquette.
We will be hands on in teaching young people things like personal hygiene, skin care, high self-esteem, team spirit, how to speak to and treat each other with respect AND how to interact and communicate WITHOUT social media. To grow and learn from each other.

By the way, we’re not just for Mums and daughters…
Quality time spent between Dads and boys, learning to recognise THEIR inner beauty as well – is just as important for males as it is for females… maybe more so.

I decided that Sweet & Classy Spas was not just about pampering, so we have a complete range of online merchandise and retail products that will include our own brand of designer label clothing, jewellery, shampoos, conditioners and body lotions. This will complete the Sweet & Classy experience.

At Sweet & Classy we have decided to have a Code developed for young people to live by:

  1. First and foremost, that when beauty starts on the inside, beauty on the outside will flow with more grace and ease.
  2. We Believe – Self-Esteem, Personality, and Attitude comprise the deeper meaning of our SPA’s, and are the 3 pillars of personal growth.
  3. We believe -Being Classy is not just about good looks, proper etiquette, or good communication; but equally about principles, values and behaviours – among them showing confidence, poise, kindness & friendship, integrity and love.
  4. We believe – Quality time between children and parents is to be valued and enhanced through common spa experiences and bonding, including treatments for inner growth as well as outer treatments for the body.
  5. Sweet & Classy Spas has a no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking policy with emphasis on healthy eating & lifestyle, creativity, and positive thinking & feeling. We teach children to weigh their decisions carefully, form independent judgements, build strength of character, and avoid peer pressure.
  6. We teach boys and girls how to get along, and how to treat each other with respect; and we teach everyone to be comfortable being whom they are – to be comfortable in their own skin.

Julianne Cusumano
Director Sweet & Classy