Just imagine being at the forefront of such an exciting new business model riding the success and limitless growth potential that is SWEET AND CLASSY SPAS.

Thank you for your interest in being on my Sweet and Classy business opportunities page and considering the chance to control your financial future.

Success, lifestyle and financial security are the primary goals for launching this unique business concept.

However, owning yor own business is a huge step and it’s not for everyone, no matter how glamorous it may look or sound.

This information is offered to you to identify and reinforce what most excites you about being in business. As a word of caution from myself, running your own business is very demanding of all your time, resources and finances. These demands can and will effect the people most precious to you; your family and more importantly your time.

Being in business can be very rewarding, and if you are fortunate enough to find the right business to enter, it can be a great lifestyle change.

Being in the leisure entertainment industry for 20 years, I am seeking people to join me on this journey who are fully committed to becoming great leaders and business entrepreneurs while having the greatest pleasure of owning one of these up market day spas. You will never be on your own in this business, I will be right with you every step of the way as your business partner.

There is nothing like Sweet and Classy Spas in Australia, let alone the world. And we have a great plan in rolling out this business not only in Australia, but already have a great interest internationally as well.

Sweet and Classy Spas only wants serious people to apply in owning and running this unique opportunity. You must be able to prove you either have the funds to complete a purchase or be in a position to get finance, and we can help you with this also.

Sweet and Classy Spas have all Policies and Procedures in place; Staff recruitment and training procedures & accounting systems and all you need to know about this industry. Full training will be provided including strategic planning and contingency models to ensure we are always ready to combat modern day business obstacles. We guarantee that our customers feel appreciated at all times and Sweet & Classy Spas remains their first and only choice for all your pampering desires. Tha’s what we promise to you when you join our family.

As you do your due diligence into our exciting new business model, there are some questions you need to ask yourself before making the decision to contact me –

  1. Am I ready to take the risk of a greenfield business opportunity into a world leading brand?
  2. Do I fully understand the obligations of being a business owner and the impact this will have on my personal life and the necessary financial commitment?
  3. What is it about being a business owner that excites you the most?
  4. How will you mentor and energise your staff consistently?

Thank you again for your interest, hopefully we will meet sometime and discuss your future success.

Julianne Cusumano